If you're looking for used European Caravans for sale between Sydney and Melbourne, why not visit UK Caravans Albury?

Years of Experience

With over 30 years of caravan experience, Brian started a business buying, selling, and servicing European caravans. After ten years and hundreds of happy customers, we believe we have a good understanding of British caravans and can help you find the caravan you’re looking for.

No Need to update your vehicle

Why miss out on the caravanning experience due to the dollars involved in purchasing a large vehicle for towing an Australian caravan due to their weight? Our caravans are lightweight and built for towing.

One on One Appointments

Many of our customers travel from far and wide to visit our showroom. We recognise that buying a caravan can be very time consuming. In order to reduce the stress for all our customers, UK Caravans Albury operates solely on a one on one appointment based only system

Online showroom

Feel free to browse our online Showroom for full details of our latest range. Our stock is updated regularly so make sure you check out our Sold Caravans to see if anything there interests you. For further details on any of our caravans, or the services we provide, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


At UK Caravans Albury we strive to look after our customers by giving them quality time, quality caravans and excellent service work. Due to staffing issues we are struggling with our internal workload and can only take on a small amount of external service work until we catch up with our internal sold caravans.
We have been struggling with staff over the last 18 months like all industries and are constantly advertising for service staff.
The business gates will be locked due to service work and Brian can only respond to people after 3pm week days. The preferred option for communication is via email.
Sales of caravans will continue as normal but and appointments will have to be made for viewing/sales.
We are also purchasing second hand European caravans in Australia if people are interested in selling theirs.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Second hand caravans we import are in the showroom on display for viewing and have not been through our workshop for Australian conversion and any other required works.
Due to this the caravans are not ready to tow away immediately. We endeavour to do our best in getting the sold caravans completed in a reasonable time and thank customers for their patience.